We take your payroll and make it something you never have to think about again. Worry-free, mistake-free, top-shelf payroll administration, taken care of silently in the background while you run your business.

Less work to add to your plate

Knight BPO specialises in industries with complex award calculations. We understand your conditions of employment (outlined in the Modern Award or EBA) such as hourly rate, penalties, allowances, tax, and superannuation rates. We then manage these payroll items through the use of powerful award interpretation software which minimizes human calculations and potential error rates. Of course, should contracts or awards changes need updating, the conditions can be easily adjusted by Easy Payroll as part of our ongoing support service.

Payroll management is very time-consuming for small businesses. With this burden removed, you and your employees can focus on being more productive and ultimately happier.

Small business flexibility with big business muscle

All big businesses require a solid level of bookkeeping and payroll management, due to the size and rapid flow of their business. But this need doesn’t exist simply within big business… even medium and smaller businesses can generate enough payroll and bookkeeping work in a year for it to become too much ongoing work for the business owner or their employees to manage. In fact, small to medium-sized businesses are the ones who stand to benefit the most from an outsourced bookkeeping service, as they can hire the service they need, when they need it, without having someone extra on staff who is themselves adding to the administrative soup.

Complex payrolls made easy, with regular simple reporting

Knight BPO utilises the best technology and software available. This enables very accurate and intricate report generation. With payroll, aspects of department costing, overtime, shift loadings and allowances can be tracked, collated, analysed and reported. All reporting can be generated in PDF, Excel and Word where applicable, and General Ledger export files adaptable to various accounting software packages.

Your accounts and payroll data need to be 100% secure

Accounts and payroll data are one of the most sensitive aspects of a workplace. After intellectual property and private correspondences, accounts and payroll data offer the most revealing information about your business. That is great for you, but not something you want somebody unauthorised having access to.

So, it is of the utmost importance to understand where security risks are possible, how to fix them, and what practises to employ in order to be most secure and preventative of compromise in the future. These can include the software you use, the network and device passwords you use, the database(s) you use, and the relevant backup and disaster-recovery plans you may, or may not, have in place.