1. What do you offer?

We offer to take away your mess, all the pile of paperwork, process them and return them to you neatly organised.

2. How do you work?

We achieve this by managing complete lifecycle of your data processes in your books. This includes documenting and tracking movements in all your accounts ensuring they are coded and appropriately allocated which then in turn minimises the need for your accountant to make changes when preparing your books at the end of the financial year. This is very time consuming and very expensive. Some book-keepers do not incorporate this practice on an ongoing basis or in some cases even feel it is not their responsibility to do so – but we do! This is where you as a business owner pay your accountant only to finalise your books and not for something they may not need to do.

3. What if I have questions?

Our primary contact methods are emails or phone as and when required. This ensures costs are kept to a minimum.

4. Will I ever speak to someone?

Absolutely, you will. You have a dedicated account manager who will liaise with you from time to time should the need arise or a meeting in person should you choose.

5. Will my data be secure?

Yes, we will incorporate industry best practices to ensure your sensitive data is only accessible to you on a secure environment.

6. Will my data be backed up?

Yes as part of your pricing structure all your data will be backed up daily for the duration of our services.

8. Where is my data located?

All physical data is returned to our clients post processing so that they have complete ownership of their information. Electronic data is securely stored on Australian based servers only as well as copies of the live database provided to our clients.

9. Will I have access to my data?

Absolutely, at all crucial points of processing, you will have direct access to your live data when making key decisions.

10. What happens when I leave?

All information is handed back to our clients, including all electronic copies for a bare minimum data retrieval fee.

11. How confidentially is my information treated?

We sign a clearly defined confidentiality agreement with you. All systems and processes are set up to ensure safety and integrity of data. We understand and acknowledge the paramount importance of confidentiality and it is our first priority at all times.

12. Will I have a service level agreement to ensure the quality of work?

Our service level agreement is transparent and will elaborate all your expectations and our promises to you as agreed when setting up.

13. I have more work this month will you charge extra?

No, you are charged one fixed fee every month. We understand that businesses often go through peaks and troughs and we like to keep things simple and stress free.

14. What is the financial benefit of using Knight BPO?

We invoice you as a normal supplier entitling you to claim a business expense hence providing a more beneficial tax option than employing someone in house.

15. Will I have control over payments?

Absolutely, we follow your instructions at all times.

16. My Wife/Husband/Friend does the books, how is your system more cost effective than that?

This is a common way to run a small business and is generally effective. With our service options, your current book-keeper can do as much or as little as he or she wants. They could give up all the mundane and tedious tasks to concentrate on what they really enjoy. This also opens up the possibility of using their skills in other, more valuable ways. It will also free up time for more pleasant activities with friends and family.

17. We have used outsourced book-keeping and it was a very bad experience, how are you different?

A lot of bookkeepers may be unqualified or lack the necessary knowledge and training to maintain your accounts at acceptable standards. At Knight BPO, qualified and experienced accountants setup all structures and processes to ensure we maintain and monitor all processes within your business.

18. I already have a book-keeper, is it still worth me talking with you?

Why not? All we want to show you is improved and innovative methods of record-keeping and management, potentially resulting in large savings.