Knight Business Process Outsourcing is an Australian-based company providing office management services for small to medium-sized businesses.

We are a one-stop outsourcing service, delivering a virtual CFO who can take care of all your business’ accounting, bookkeeping and payroll tasks. We take big-business methodology and use it to simplify, streamline and structure the accounts management of small to medium-sized businesses.

Business is an ever-evolving environment, with many moving parts. To stay at the forefront, one must know and deploy the best business practices. Being up to date is paramount, because the advantage in business goes to they who predict future trends and changes, with accuracy. From data security, to holistic process improvements, our objective is always to provide options for our client’s systematic growth. We use the best business knowledge of today, to make sure we lead the way into a prosperous tomorrow.

Our Services



When time is money and money is livelihood – nothing should be left to chance or guesswork.  We pride ourselves on consistency and quality, providing a streamlined and budget friendly bookkeeping service that is reliable, flexible and accurate. At Knight BPO we are experienced across all industry-standard software, and can support you and your business with whichever software you prefer. Let the experts take control of every facet of your business’ bookkeeping.



As we know from experience, payroll services do not have the best reputation amongst business owners. Managing the payroll can be time intensive and complex, particularly as staffing requirements change and regulations are updated. But it is a business necessity and should be treated as such. Payroll Services are our “Bread & Butter” – and we can take the burden away from you and your team.


Virtual CFO

Are you giving your business the best chance at sustaining success?  At Knight BPO we understand the excitement brought about by exponential growth within your business. Our Virtual CFO services will help you navigate the increasing complexity and risk that comes with strong growth, pointing your business in the right direction for the future.


Here’s just some of the clients benefiting from Knight’s business services