Knight Business Process Outsourcing is an Australian-based company providing office management services for small to medium-sized businesses.

We are a one-stop outsourcing service, delivering a virtual CFO who can take care of all your business’ accounting, bookkeeping and payroll tasks. We take big-business methodology and use it to simplify, streamline and structure the accounts management of small to medium-sized businesses.

Business is an ever-evolving environment, with many moving parts. To stay at the forefront, one must know and deploy the best business practices. Being up to date is paramount, because the advantage in business goes to they who predict future trends and changes, with accuracy. From data security, to holistic process improvements, our objective is always to provide options for our client’s systematic growth. We use the best business knowledge of today, to make sure we lead the way into a prosperous tomorrow.

Ethical, professional service

Professionally and ethically, Knight BPO are committed to setting the industry standard for best practise. All of our work and billing is 100% transparent, so that our client can not only observe our work in real-time, they can begin seeing the benefits immediately.

Australian-based, with expert local knowledge

Being Australian-based means our knowledge and expertise of Australian state and federal laws and regulations is second to none. This, like your data, is invaluable knowledge on which many future courses of action can be determined. We don’t just understand the data, we know how to use it to your business’ advantage, as well as provide you with valuable insights through our management reporting to make key decisions.

Fast, efficient data processing

The prospect of data processing leaves most people cold. What can be a nightmare for you – months or even years worth of data to process – we can take off your hands completely. Our organisational skills are strengthened by three core aspects: our implementation of integrated technologies, our meticulous attention to detail and our thorough, mistake-minimisation workflow.

No start-up costs of any kind

Our long-term business goal is to forge strong, lasting relationships with our clients. To make this happen, we provide everything our clients need, and nothing they don’t. Our services and billing are completely transparent, and we have absolutely no start-up costs. Repeat, no start-up costs of any kind.

Support is always there when you need it

Our support is exemplary. Each of our clients has an Account Manager on call 10 hours per day, five day a week, ready and waiting to troubleshoot problems, offer advice, or provide immediate service. No matter the size of your business, if you are in need, we’re there for you. In addition to their skill and accreditation, our Account Managers pride themselves on delivering friendly, professional service, always.

We take security seriously

All of the measures we take to secure our own data, we use to secure our clients’ data. That is, our data security measures are so up-to-date and trustworthy that we use them ourselves. In fact, that can be said of all of Knight BPO’s services… we stand by the quality and effectiveness of our methods so much that we use them in our own offices. We’re very proud of that.

We back up your important data, then back it up again

It’s not hard to think of a plausible scenario where regular, efficient backups save the day. Even a single day can have contained so much work and progress that a computer crash could literally spell disaster. Disaster that could have been avoided by backing up data. We not only back up your data, we also do secondary off-site backups (and schedule regular backups).

Would you be able to cope if your business was audited?

In the case of an audit, a business must provide seven years’ worth of data, which will seem like Mount Everest to any business who haven’t been keeping tidy records… so big a task that it causes anxiety to even think about. You give the job to us and then we get it done. At Knight we fight your battles with you on your side. By the time we’re finished, your business’ data will be so well kept that it will not just make life super easy in case of an audit, it will just make life easier full stop. The new systems we put in place will work as a sign post as to how to store and sort your business’ data in the future.

Here’s just some of the clients benefiting from Knight’s business services