We take to the job with enthusiasm and pride

It is true that we love what we do. Accounting or bookkeeping labour that other people find a chore, we take to with enthusiasm and the highest professional degree of challenge. The tasks other bookkeepers find mundane, we approach with vigour. The way we see it, if there is excellence in how we perform even the smallest, most mundane task, there will be excellence in our biggest, most important work. That is why our level of service never drops below top-class. We don’t let it.

Streamlined/scalable and budget-friendly service

Larger businesses can afford to maintain in-house bookkeeping departments, but the ongoing costs would be crippling for small to medium-sized businesses. A total money burner. By outsourcing to Knight BPO you remove this issue, and also take the pressure off yourself and your employees.

We don’t take holidays and we don’t get sick

Outsourcing to Knight BPO means consistency and quality will never vary in your bookkeeping and accounts. There will be no downtime from illness or vacation, as there is with an in-house system, and our services completely do away with the nightmare of having to train or acclimate new staff in the event of a personnel change. We are always there, working for you.

We are fluent in all industry-standard software packages

When clients ask us which software they should use, we always answer ‘whichever one you are most comfortable with’. Most businesses have a preference for the software that they use for various reasons, and in most cases we can accommodate your preferences. We are always happy to offer suggestions and assistance if a client wishes to change or upgrade their software solution to a new system.

Your bookkeeping data can offer incredible insights you can use

Data is a powerful tool, in the exact sense that knowledge is power. In the digital age, where even the most complex of data can be acquired and stored with ease, managing data – as both upkeep and a means to extract profitable info – is of the utmost importance. Metrics of any kind related to business can be the very foundation on which future choices are made. Without such data a business would have been flying blind. When time is money, and money is livelihood, nothing should be left to chance or guesswork.

When it comes to business data, nothing beats having a safety net

Making backups is not a hard thing to do, but it needs to be diligently monitored, which slowly adds up to many hours over a year in drips and drabs, so many of our clients are relieved to have this service provided for them. It helps them sleep easier knowing that, no matter what, someone else has made sure that all of the business’ data is safe, backed up multiple times, and secure from compromise or unauthorised access.