With our office management services, your business will be equipped with the power and convenience of having your own virtual CFO.

We let you get back to working on what you love

Let’s say you’re a plumber, running a business with a few employees and an apprentice on your books. Naturally, you will want to spend as much time and effort as possible improving the customer service, reach and equipment of your business, which will leave almost no time to manage the office and clerical work, which, left unattended for even a small while, turns into a mountain of paperwork to take care of. From your basic bookkeeping to your payroll, on which your valued employees are dependant, our office management services take care of all your accounting and data processing needs, so you can focus on being the best in the business at what you do.

You have an Account Manager available at all times

You will have a dedicated Account Manager who is your direct point of contact, but this does not mean if they are unavailable you cannot talk to anyone. We ensure there will always be someone available to assist you.

Why outsource and not hire in-house?

There are two things that outsourcing buys you: 1) The expertise of a life-long professional who absolutely loves their job, and 2) The peace of mind that comes with knowing an enthusiastic expert is looking after your books. The confidence we instil in our clients is part of what they love most about our service. They know their precious data is not just in safe hands, but productive hands. We make your data work for you.

There are many costs that come with maintaining an in-house bookkeeping solution… not just the necessary staff salaries and training, but also the cost of extra office space, software and hardware. We make these costs a thing of the past by providing you with a full 360 degree solution at a fixed monthly cost. No headaches, no more hassles… you’re left to focus on growing your business and enjoying your life.

We don’t do tax accounting, but we get you ready for your tax accountant

The only thing we don’t do is tax accounting. But we can fully prepare your books for your tax accountant, so that they have everything they need, and don’t need to spend an extra amount of billable hours preparing your books or (worse still) simply not fixing any of the problems at all. With Knight BPO, come tax time your accounts are perfectly organised and prepared for your tax accountant.

Even when we’re CFO, the client has 100% executive control

Complete control always resides with our clients. We are strict with our implementation of regulations and ethical standards that leaves the ultimate financial decisions in the hands of our clients. We always offer advice, and can help steer the ship, but the client is always the captain.